clean-carpet-postChoosing the right carpet cleaning method for your carpet type is very important. Some methods are ineffective, others leave a residue that will attract more dirt and others may damage the fibres.

Let’s discuss each one in detail:

Do it Yourself – DIY

Machines that you can hire from the supermarket are very ineffective and are a waste of time and money. They have very little power and will struggle to even remove the surface dirt.

DRY Clean

Dry cleaning uses a rotating brush adapted with a cleaning pad that has been soaked in cleaning solution. Because there is no rinse stage, dry cleaning will leave much of the chemicals still in the carpet that will attract more dirt

All carpet manufacturers strongly recommend that this form of carpet cleaning should not be used as it “causes fuzzing and has very limited soil removal capabilities”.


Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction is the method recommended by carpet manufacturers and the Australian/New Zealand Standards.

This system consists of spraying the cleaning solution onto the carpet, treating spots and stains and then rinsing with hot water that is immediately sucked up by a powerful vacuum system into a holding tank.

It is capable of removing pollutants from deep within the pile and the eco friendly cleaning solutions are thoroughly rinsed away.