Your lounge is lovely when new, but over time, dirt, dust and sand will attract themselves to the lounge and may cause allergies and fabric deterioration.

Eco Plus provides professional upholstery cleaning services that are uniquely suited to the fabric type of your lounge.

Whether the fabric is leather, suede, microfiber, acrylic, cotton, silk or linen, Eco Plus incorporates the specific cleaning techniques and solutions for each type of fabric durability and stain resistance.

Our modern methods of using less water and non-toxic cleaning products allow for a shorter drying time and healthier living especially for those who suffer from allergies.



Considering the fact we spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping on a mattress, you’d think mattress maintenance would be a higher priority for the ‘clean freaks’ in all of us!

Mattresses contain bacteria, fungi, spills, stains, dirt, and dust mites in quantities that are at potentially dangerous levels.

At Eco Plus we clean and freshen your mattress by using safe, natural, non-toxic products that attack the dust mites, removes the dead skin and kills bacteria.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee gives you complete peace of mind every time you use our service.