Cleaning up after a flood or a leakage that sent water flowing through your house like a miniature Brisbane River is a massive undertaking and something that will require a great deal of professional help.

With water, the extraction needs to be completed, to prevent bad odours, mould and rot from setting into the walls and floors.

Mould is one of the biggest issues that can result from water damage and with our humid weather the spores will start to produce much sooner than you think.

Eco Plus will extract all the water from your home, using industrial strength pumps followed by dehumidifiers. Then we will treat the carpets before any mould/mildew begins.

We have teams available 24 hours a day to respond urgently to your predicament.

Our service includes:


Water extraction for wood or stone floors and carpets


Full site inspection to evaluate the damage and check for safety hazards


Industrial strength dehumidifiers to assist the drying


Any debris is cleared away


100% customer satisfaction